What Guns Did We Buy The Taliban?

The collapse of Afghanistan is likely going to be a defining moment in world history when people look back at the 2020s, the Afghan military gave up before the fighting even started and the Biden administration left behind the latest military arms for the Taliban.

What exactly was left behind? We have no clue what the Taliban have picked up, that’s why a group of lawmakers is now demanding that the Biden administration provide detailed lists of what was given over to the Afghan government, what was destroyed prior to the withdrawal, all remaining operational equipment, and more.

The letter that was sent by lawmakers to the Biden administration was written by 25 Republicans, this group was led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla). The list of demands can be read here:

     1. A full account of military equipment provided to the Afghan Armed Forces in the last year.

     2. All military equipment, owned by either the U.S. or Afghan Armed Forces, that was removed or destroyed prior to the U.S. withdrawal, or is rendered inoperable without U.S. logistics personnel.

     3. All U.S. military equipment that remains operational in Afghanistan.

     4. A list of what military equipment has been seized by the Taliban.

     5. An assessment of how long it will take the Taliban to use each of the captured equipment.

     6. An assessment of the likelihood that the Taliban will seek to work with Russia, Pakistan, Iran, or the People’s Republic of China for training, fuel, or infrastructure necessary to utilize the equipment they do not have the capabilities to use on their own.

     7. Any efforts by the administration, planned or underway, to recapture or destroy equipment that remains in Afghanistan and is at risk of being used by terrorist entities.

This is what the group is asking for, we should get a full accounting of what the Taliban have in their possession in a few months. That being said, we have a pretty good idea about some of the weapons that the Taliban picked up.

Taliban soldiers are using social media to mock the United States and they are sharing several photos with American arms. Here are some of those photos:


Among the many photos you can see Taliban insurgents with American rifles, armor, and other equipment. Most of this equipment is simple to operate and they are going to be able to use this equipment against the people of Afghanistan and any Americans still trapped in Kabul. Some of the high tech logistics equipment and vehicles are not going to see use any time soon, the Blackhawk helicopters that were stolen by the Taliban take years of training to operate and these insurgents are more likely to destroy them than use them to any success. That all would be true if it were not for reports that several members of the Afghan military decided to join the Taliban, the United States paid these people and trained them to use all of the relevant equipment mentioned above.

The arms left behind by the American military have made the Taliban a much greater threat than they were before, the decision to leave all of the equipment behind was one of the worst decisions made in this withdrawal form the country.