What Israel Means to Me

An Artistic Celebration of Israel’s 75 Anniversary of Independence for Christian Children

On May 14, 2023, Israel will celebrate its 75th anniversary of independence according to the Gregorian calendar. Marking the incredible milestone of the restoration of Jewish sovereignty to the Land of Israel after nearly 2000 years, the Genesis 123 Foundation has launched a special opportunity for Christian children to be part of the celebration in a way that’s Biblical and age appropriate.

“What Israel Means to Me” will engage Christian children to create a pictorial representation of what Israel means to them personally. They will be invited to create a picture and submit it as part of an international contest, one that will be promoted and recognized globally. Their artistic depictions may relate to topics such as the significance of modern Israel, Biblical Israel, Biblical figures in Israel, the panorama and scenery of the Land of Israel, central Biblical landmarks, illustrating Biblical verses that are connected to Israel, and the intersection of these, and how that relates to them today on a personal level.

“What Israel Means to Me” will engage Christian children from elementary school through high school. They will submit their entries by April 24, 2023, according to different age categories (under 10, 10-12, 13-17). On May 14, a panel of prominent judges will announce winners (first, second, third place and honorable mention) for each age group.

The contest will go public in the first quarter of 2023, giving participants the opportunity to create and submit their entry. Entries will be judged by a diverse variety of people, Jews and Christians around the world, who are involved with Israel and can relate to the significance of Israel in Christianity.
Special prizes will be offered to winners in each of the age categories, along with their winning entry being displayed on line, in possible live exhibits, as well as being shared in the media, telling a broad story of engagement with Israel. A video documentary is possible.

All submissions will become property of the Genesis 123 Foundation. While privacy will be respected, parents/guardians must sign a waiver that their children’s names, likeness, and artistic submissions may be used for any and all items related to “What Israel Means to Me,” and other related Genesis 123 Foundation programs and media.

In order to maximize the promotion of and participation in the contest, sponsors are invited to participate and will be provided wide recognition of their partnership as well. For information about sponsorship or any level of participation through your church, school, home school network, media, etc. please be in touch at Gen123Fdn@gmail.com.