Gofobo Advance Screening- A joke

November 7, 2017

You might receive an invite from Gofobo to sign up for seeing movies or early screenings or ??, but be sure to check out the Disclaimer!

Last night I traveled from Orange County, near Anaheim, to San Diego to participate in a screening of The Long Road Home, an excellent movie pt together by or with the National Geographic group. Arriving 1 hour early, after a 1 1/2 hour drive, showing my pass that is supposed to allow the Reviewing Press maybe early access, I was told to wait in line which I did. It was quite long even at the 6 PM time for a 7 PM movie. The line moved a little then stopped, moved and stopped. As the time was now about 7 PM, I went to the front of the line, pasting about 75 in front of me, and found out there were no more seats available…. What!! Yes, the representative told me and the 300 others in line that they had “over booked” like the airlines… 300 + people overbooked like the airlines 3 to 8?? Funny guy! They, the representative for the Theater or Movie People or Gofobo (maybe), was then trying to get people in line to give him their emails for future notification not wanting to tell those further in line that it was already full! How rude, make those being rejected stay another 1/2 hour, or more beyond 7 PM, to give them more personal contact information instead of advising the remaing 300 that the theather is alreay full!

Bottom line, I tried every way I could to contact more directly Gofobo and their site is misleading and kind of a joke when trying to reach them. Telling me that if I don’t see the answer to my question amongst the frequently ask questions to just complete the form further down on the page which….. DID NOT EXIST!

My thanks to Gofobo and their statement of “Except for members of the reviewing press” part in their disclaimer that was supposed to have had a seat for my guest and I. Other than the nice conversation I had with my guest driving down and back to OC, it was a total waste of valuable time and resources! Gas, millage on the car, TRAFFIC…. but I know they do not care so I’m sharing it here! Hopefully someone from Gofobo will contact me so we can have an actual discussion or communication directly.

Bottom line! Be ready to waste your time, money and resources on a “free” screening offer from Gofobo or, be prepared to get there 2 or 3 hours early to wait for your possible entry!

Bryan Seltzer: IPAnews.com

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