Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip

Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip

Hamas in Gaza protest against PA president (AFP)

In recent news, it has been reported that the Palestinian Authority (Fatah Party) is working to arrange a peace agreement with the Hamas Party (who are the government in Gaza). The Hamas (who are Palestinian) are listed as a designated terrorist group in the middle east by the US, European Union, and Israel, and other countries. Israel will not deal directly with Hamas because they are considered a terrorist organization. The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Israel is expected to negotiate a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority now partnering with the Hamas Party.

2005 Israel disengaged (withdrew) from the Gaza Strip removing over 9000 Israelis from their homes, trading land for peace. In 2006 Hamas party won the Palestinian legislative elections which lead to a military conflict between Fatah Party and Hamas. Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip June 14, 2007.

How did the Palestinian Authority manage to bring the Hamas to the negotiating table?

Al’ Monitor News Service reported April 20, 2017, Palestinian Authority (PA) has cut approximately 58,000 employee salaries in the Gaza Strip by 30-50%, while the PA government, based in the West Bank, did not call for cuts to its employees’ salaries.

Abbas’s Palestinian Authority (PA) told Israel that it would no longer pay for the electricity provided by Israel to the Gaza Strip resulting in two to three hours of electricity per day. Two weeks earlier the PA started withholding fuel provided by Israel that powered Gaza’s only electric generating plant.

Reuters reports, hospitals and medical clinics are running short of fuel for their emergency generators. They report that 620 kidney patients are in need of dialysis three times a week and that newborns are at particular risk.

Haaretz news reported in June 2017, the PA has been blocking Gaza patients from leaving the Strip for medical treatment. Also, the PA has delayed issuing payment vouchers for more than 1,600 patients with cancer and heart disease, and children who need treatments unavailable in Gaza.

Times of Israel sadly reported June 27, 2017, three infants died in Gaza hospitals. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry blamed the PA for the deaths, saying Ramallah (PA capital) has refused to grant permits for babies to be treated in Israel. Gaza Health Ministry and international medical rights groups in Gaza say the PA has significantly decreased aid sent to the Strip as well.

MA’AN News Agency reported 8/21/2017, By order of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, three truckloads of medical supplies were sent to Venezuela.

Haaretz news reported, President Abbas at the White House on May 3rd, 2017 Mr. President, I bring with me today the message of the suffering of my people, as well as their aspiration and hope…

President Abbas has brought the appearance of a united “Palestinian People” and “Palestinian Government” but at what cost to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Len Watts IPA News, Israel 10/26/2017





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