“Condemning Israel for its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, occupation, apartheid, and war crimes is not anti-Semitism,” teachers claim.



By: Bryan Seltzer

The new anti-Semites, The San Diego chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, is supporting Terrorism by passing a resolution last month rejecting Israel’s legitimacy as a country and accusing the Israeli government of carrying out ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and war crimes against Palestinians. In talking personally with Palestinians while on my several visits to Israel, I found that the majority of them would rather live in Israel than in the areas controlled by the Palestinians. They are treated well and can work and live free unlike those in the Gaza areas that are being used as shields, along with schools and hospitals, for the terrorist acts and those committing war crimes against Israel. How little thought has gone into this resolution….or do they hate the truth so much! This shows how far LEFT the Teacher’s Union has gone.

Now they are trying to teach the students that becoming a terrorists bomber, Cash for Murder, is a good thing and to blow up 100’s of innocent people is justified. No, hold the Palestinians accountable for their complete disregard of International Law and implement a prompt reassessment of any monies being given to the Palestinians who use most of those funds to pay for their terrorists acts! Hard to believe anyone in their right mind would even consider something like AFT Guild Local 1931. Open your books and read the real history! Stop being led down the road by the dark side San Diego’s chapter of the American Federation of Teachers. Maybe YOU should be de-funded!

Fatah and PA municipality erect monument in honor of terrorist murderer

Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus | Oct 1, 2021

This monument in honor of terrorist murderer Kamal Abu Wa’er exemplifies the great efforts the PA and Fatah spend on inculcating in the minds of Palestinians the ideology that terrorist murderers are heroes and role models.

Fatah and Jenin Municipality are currently in the process of erecting this monument for terrorist murderer of at least 4 Israelis, Kamal Abu Wa’er. The design of the monument includes two upraised chained hands, one holding an AK-47 assault rifle with a bayonet and the other making a “V” for victory. The PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel together with the PA areas as “Palestine” is also part of the monument.

Abbas’ Fatah Movement posted photos of the foundation of the monument:

Posted text: “The end of the first stage of establishing the monument in memory of Martyr prisoner Kamal Abu Wa’er (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of at least 4) in Jenin

In the presence of Chairman of the National Committee to Commemorate the Arab Martyrs Muhammad Habash… the establishment of the monument in memory of Martyr Kamal Abu Wa’er began in Jenin in the Al-Jaberiyat area.

Muhammad Habash noted that the first stage has ended of establishing the monument in memory of Martyr Kamal Abu Wa’er in cooperation with the relatives of Martyr Kamal Abu Wa’er, the prisoners, the Martyrs’ comrades, the Jenin Municipality, and the Fatah Movement.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Sept. 22, 2021]

That the PA and Fatah honor terrorist murderers is not new. Palestinian Media Watch has exposed hundreds of schools, institutions, streets, squares and other permanent public structures that have been named after terrorists and murderers, as well as activities like summer camps and military campssporting events, and festivals.

One such monument was erected by the PA to honor murderer Muhannad Halabi, a terrorist who stabbed 2 Israelis to death in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The PA municipality where murderer Halabi lived not only erected a memorial in his honor but also named a road after him.

Kamal Abu Wa’er – Palestinian terrorist and member of the PA Presidential Security Force 17 who participated in a number of lethal terror attacks including: the murder of Israeli border policeman Madhat Yousef in a shooting attack at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus on Oct. 1, 2000; the murder of Rabbi Benjamin Herling in a shooting attack at Mount Eival on Oct. 19, 2000; the shooting and murder of Arnaldo Agranionic, a guard at the town of Itamar, on May 8, 2001; and the murder of 16-year-old Aliza Malka in a drive-by shooting near the entrance of Kibbutz Meirav on Aug. 9, 2001. Abu Wa’er was serving 6 life sentences and died in prison in November 2020.

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