Ethiopian Refugees need assistance

Supporter of Israel, 

There is a humanitarian crisis happening among the nation of Israel. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent election, you probably haven’t heard about it.

There is a remnant of an ancient Jewish community in Ethiopia and 2,000 members are about to make Aliyah (or coming home) to Israel this year.

The urgency to do so has been increased due to rebel and cross border fighting that’s getting closer to where most live. In fact, one member of the community who was waiting to come to Israel for decades has recently been killed.

This community was so isolated, and suffered such great persecution in Ethiopia, that they believed they were the last Jews on earth until Israel and the United States began rescuing them in the 1980s, and again in 1991, but there are still thousands left who need our help today.

At the Geneis123 Foundation, we need your help to raise $99,276, to help these Jewish refugees integrate into Israel and lead their lives free from religious persecution and thrive in their new home.

The State of Israel is working to airlift these people to their new home here, but once they arrive, they still face major hurdles. They have nothing, no education, no job, and coming from a highly undeveloped nation to one of the most developed nations on earth. They are truly destitute, and we are doing all we can to help.

Genesis 123 facilitates several meaningful ways for you to help.

Immediate NeedsImmediate Needs – Ethiopian Jews are not arriving from middle class backgrounds having sold suburban homes, but often from mud huts without electricity in a remote mountainous part of Ethiopia. They need help immediately on arrival to find a home and get their basic needs met – cooking appliances, clothing, grooming supplies—they need everything.

Donate $35, $55, $100, or even $250 to help us provide these basic needs!

Immediate NeedsHelping the Children Integrate – Being a new immigrant brings with it many challenges and needs. This is felt particularly among children who have to acculturate, learn a new language, go to school, and make new friends. The remote learning due to Covid-19 is an added challenge among children who have never used a computer, the needs are great.

Donate $35, $55, $100, or even $250 to help these children integrate into Israel society!

Immediate NeedsInvesting in the Community – As the Rabbinic leader Maimonides taught: Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

It is a timeless philosophy for serious programs that seek to build upon the foundation of providing academic and life skills as a cornerstone, there’s a need to provide investment and assistance for the next generation of Ethiopian entrepreneurs.

Will you partner with us TODAY as we bless the Ethiopian refugees with your donation of $35, $55, $100, or even $613?

There are many needs to fulfill in the Nation of Israel, and that’s why the Genesis123 Foundation is committed to building a better life for the remnants of this ancient community to come home. The exodus of Ethiopia’s Jews is the first time that black Africans have ever been taken from persecution in Israel to freedom.

Think about that, it is true liberation.

In Judaism, saving a human life is a top priority. As any modern country, there is no shortage of emergency needs for Israelis of all backgrounds. Genesis 123 is doing our part to meet these challenges and to support these initiatives, but we cannot do it without your assistance.

Can the ancient Ethiopian Jewish community count on you today?

L’Chaim – to life,
Ken Abramowitz
Jonathan Feldstein
President, Genesis 123 Foundation

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