Abortion goes to Hollywood

Dear Mr. & Mrs. & All

Thank you for your support these last few months!

Because of you, we’ve been able to spread the Gospel to millions on YouTube, work to reduce teenage suicide, and fight against inappropriate content on major streaming services.

Your support has been crucial to these initiatives and is making a difference all over the world.

Last year, we warned you about how Planned Parenthood had set its sights on Hollywood!

Now, we are seeing the unfortunate results throughout Hollywood and media.

Planned Parenthood Calls This Their “Secret Weapon”

The entertainment industry may be shut down because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, but Planned Parenthood is still busy at work!

Their lobbying wing “Arts and Entertainment Engagement” has been working quietly behind the scenes in some of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

Their sole purpose? To convince filmmakers to disguise the reality of abortion in their movies and shows! 

Right now, Planned Parenthood is a Billion Dollar Organization!

Their ability to pump millions of dollars into Hollywood is allowing them to drastically alter media to promote their agenda!

That’s why we have seen a proliferation of dangerous movies and shows presenting abortion in a positive light this year

We simply can’t keep up without your support!

Pro-Abortion Content is Spreading Through Hollywood! 

The popular teenage show “Thirteen Reasons Why” had a three-episode arc in its most recent season that highlighted many of Planned Parenthood’s talking points word for word.

In April, we fought with the MPAA over the rating for “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” which told the story of an underage girl traveling out of state to get an abortion without her parents’ consent.

The “comedy” “Unpregnant” took that premise a step further targeting teenagers with the same message cloaked in humor.

These are just a few of the most popular examples.

Make no mistake! Planned Parenthood knows exactly what they’re doing.

They want movies to present abortion as a casual procedure with no long-term consequences!

Because they understand that American media is the most powerful shaper of culture on Planet Earth!

They’ve Even Started Their Own Abortion Awards

Planned Parenthood is hosting a  swanky and grotesque event that  rewards those in Hollywood who use their platform to promote the killing of the unborn. 

Held at the Sundance Film Festival, hundreds of producers, directors, writers, and actors pack the event’s main street venue.

We Need Your Help

We have been working in Hollywood for more than 40 years.

We have relationships with every major studio.

We must counteract Planned Parenthood’s messaging to these executives.

We need your support now more than ever.

Studios are starving for new scripts and projects. With your help we can present them with Pro-Life scripts to counteract Planned Parenthood’s attacks.

Mr., Your donation of even a few dollars by November 21st will help us present major studio executives with Pro-Life scripts.

We must have the support of people like you to fight back against this billion dollar abortion giant.

If we fail to act now it will mean the deaths of millions more unborn children!

We cannot allow Planned Parenthood’s agenda to normalize abortion and even treat it as something to be horrifically celebrated!

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God Bless You.
Yours in Christ,


Dr. Ted Baehr

P.S. Planned Parenthood’s abortion propaganda wing is operating at full steam despite the pandemic! They have already helped facilitate the release of pro-abortion movies and are working behind the scenes to create many more! You can help us stop Planned Parenthood from infiltrating Hollywood, but we need your support to fight this billion dollar giant!