Jerusalem, Israel on Alert!

Palestinian protestors clashing with Israeli forces near an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank city of Bethelem, December 7, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / THOMAS COEX/ Getty Images)

President Donald Trump has made the most anticipated move in Israel over the past seventy years. There are arguments and declarations against this move in the Muslim world. The Muslims are threatening that Israel will pay for the US recognition Jerusalem as Israel’s’ capital and moving its embassy to Jerusalem. After the announcement we have seen protests here in Israel. Rioters have been burning American and Israeli flags and images of President Trump. This afternoon we have seen the riots become violent. Although no one has been killed, the atmosphere here is growing more heated.

We have seen in the news in Israel, the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip calling for three days of rage and to organize a new intifada (major uprising). Friday is it is the Muslims holy day and they will go to their Mosques much like the Christians go to church Sunday. Fridays are when the Muslim clerics can incite the emotions of the people to the point of striking out against the Israeli people. I believe that the rage of the Muslims will overflow from the Mosques into the streets and the resulting riots may cost the lives of anyone caught in the fray. Israel is bracing for the backlash. But, in a statement made at a conference my wife and I attended yesterday in Jerusalem, the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is over seventy years late.

Len Watts IPA news Jerusalem 12/07/2017

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