Maxine Waters One Of The Biggest Racist In The USA

November 2, 2020

Bryan Seltzer
International Press Association

Everytime Maxine Waters opens her mouth, only ugly comes out! Maxine pushes the envelope of “Race” more then any other Representative in an attempt to divide this great nation and create something that does not exist as she so states. Telling fellow Black “Americans” that she would “never, ever forgive” anyone, let along Black Americans who vote correctly for President Donald Trump, is so Un-American….so Racist! Shame on Maxine Waters!

Maxine forgets that one day, she will be standing before the living God and have to account for all of her horrid lack of leadership and terrible mouth…. Maxine may not believe this will ever happen… if so, Maxine is going to have a great surprise! And nothing coming out of her mouth will save her from eternity in hell!

Remember Maxine, God is real and only Jesus can save you…. or anyone!

And then there is Lying Shift


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