WND: Hunter Biden got Chinese communists access to White House

China Communist Party

Emails obtained from former partner document meeting with Joe Biden


Newly obtained emails show Chinese investors and Communist Party officials used Hunter Biden to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The emails – separate from the cache reported by the New York Post this week – were obtained by investigative reporter Peter Schweizer from a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Bevan Cooney.

Schweizer wrote Friday in a column for Breitbart News that Hunter Biden’s business associates discussed in a 2011 email developing relations with what one called “China Inc.” as part of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.”

The emails, Schweizer wrote, show how Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates sought to trade on access to his father and the Obama-Biden White House.

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Schweizer documented influence peddling by five members of the Biden family in his book “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.”

Meawhile, an unconfirmed email reported Thursday by Fox News said to have come from a computer owned by Hunter Biden indicates Burisma hired Hunter Biden while his father was vice president because the Ukrainian natural gas firm wanted high-ranking U.S. officials to express support in an effort to shut down investigations against the company’s owner. The New York Post reported Wednesday in a story censored by Twitter and Facebook that an email contradicts Joe Biden’s claim he knew nothing about his son’s lucrative business deals. And Thursday the paper reported Hunter Biden saw a $10 million China deal as lucrative for “my family.”

‘Good access’

Schweizer reported that on Nov. 5, 2011, a business contact forwarded Archer an email teasing an opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by helping to arrange White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials.

The group, the China Entrepreneur Club, has been called “a second foreign ministry” for the communist regime, Schweizer noted. Its leadership includes numerous senior members of the Chinese Communist Party.

“I know it is political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,” an intermediary named Mohamed A. Khashoggi wrote on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. “A tour of the white house and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great.”

Khashoggi then added, “Not sure if one has to be registered to do this.” That’s an apparent reference to registering as a lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Khashoggi said the trip offered “a soft diplomacy play that could be very effective” and would give Hunter Biden’s business partners “good access to [the Chinese] for any deal in the future.”

Before contacting Hunter Biden’s associates, the CEC had been been unsuccessful in its effort to secure meetings with top Obama-Biden administration officials.

“This is China Inc,” wrote Khashoggi in the email, referring to the delegation of Chinese billionaires.

“Biggest priority for the CEC group is to see the White House, and have a senior US politician, or senior member of Obama’s administration, give them a tour. … If your friend in DC can help, we would be extremely grateful,” Khashoggi wrote.

Schweizer said Hunter Biden and Devon Archer apparently delivered for the Chinese Communist Party-connected industrial elites within 10 days .

Six days after the initial overture, Archer received a follow-up email asking how a meeting with CEC’s representative went.

The email closed with, “Do me a favor and ask Hunter [Biden] to call me – I’ve tried reaching him a couple of times.”

Archer responded, “Hunter is traveling in the UAE for the week with royalty so probably next week before he will be back in pocket. … The meeting with [CEC representative] was good.”

In a follow-up email, Archer said, “Couldn’t confirm this with Hunter on the line but we got him his meeting at the WH Monday for the Chinese folks.”

Schweizer noted the Obama-Biden Administration archives show the Chinese delegation visited the White House on Nov. 14, 2011, and enjoyed high-level access.

The White House visitor logs do not show a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. However, the vice president’s off-the-books meeting was revealed by a core founder of the CEC in a document listing the bios of the group’s leaders.

Schweizer pointed out that two years after the visit, Hunter Biden and Archer helped to form the Chinese government funded Bohai Harvest RST investment fund. Hunter Biden, as Schweizer was first to report, secured a $1.5 billion deal for Bohai on a 2013 trip to Beijing with his father on Air Force Two.

The Biden campaign, Schweizer said, has not responded to a request for comment on his story.

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